Why Does My BMW Shake When I Start It? How to Fix it?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your car starts shaking right after you turn the key. A number of BMW users face this problem when they start their car. So what’s causing it and how can you fix it? 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why your BMW shakes when you start it up and provide some tips on how to address them. All these are going to be more helpful than any other content on the internet. So, let’s start.

Why Does My BMW Shake When I Start It?
Why Does My BMW Shake When I Start It

Why Does My BMW Shake When I Start It?

BMWs are known for their smooth, powerful engines. The engine in a BMW is designed to activate quickly and smoothly. When the engine turns over, it’s not uncommon for the car to shake a bit. This shaking motion is normal and should stop after a few seconds of running. If your car continues to shake when you start it up, then this is a problem to take seriously.

In that case, your duty is given in the following section. But why this happens is a question in the mind of a number of people. The reasons are:

  • Any Leak in the engine compartment
  • Loose battery connection
  • Old spark plug
  • Low Fuel Level

BMW cars have a shake when starting that is normal and not dangerous. The shake occurs because of the engine’s design and its location in the car. The shaking will stop once the engine has warmed up. There are many other things to worry about with your vehicle, but this is not one of them. But if you still feel like there may be something wrong with your car, then follow the following steps.

How to Fix BMW Shake When Start It?

Now we know the possible cause of shaking a BMW car when you start it. These are very common causes in this type of situation. If you face this problem then fix it as soon as possible. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Inspect The Engine Compartment

 First of all, you have to inspect the engine compartment thoroughly. You will search for any leak there. Because the lean may be the cause of the shaking of the BMW while you are starting it. When the inspection is done, you have to solve the leak with any glue if possible. But if that is not possible then you have to replace that with a new one.

Step 2. Check the Battery Connections 

Another possible cause of shaking BMW while starting is a loose battery connection. As the battery is one of the main components of the engine and it provides power to different parts of the engine so the battery connection should be always ok. 

If the connections are loose then you have to tighten them. This will work as a remedy if the problem was only here. You should give the checking battery more priority.

Step 3. Inspect the Hoses

There are a number of hoses in a vehicle. They are around the radiator, air conditioning condenser, and power steering pump. These hoses are very much responsible for the shaking of the BMW car in the time of starting. 

So, you have to inspect all these hoses for any leak or problem there. If you find anything like these, then you have to work on these things and try to solve them to get rid of BMW shaking problem.

Step 4. Look at Your Tires

In some cases, the low pressure of air in the tire causes this type of shaking of the car. To be sure about this one, you have to inspect the air pressure of the tires. If the pressure is low you have to refill it.

And again you have to make sure they are not low on pressure. Some time any damage to the tire and leak will do the trick. You have to check for damage like nails or screws poking and fix them.

Step 5. Check Your Oil Level

The oil or fuel level is also a matter to check before going for any action against the shaking problem of BMW while starting. If the oil level is too low, this can cause shaking when starting up as well as other problems with your car. You have to refill the oil to fix it.


Why does my BMW shake when I turn it on?

Shaking in the ignition on or staring at the engine is one of the main problems of BMW cars. Most of the users are facing this problem for a long time. Actually, this is a kind of warning before any serious things happen with your vehicle.

The common causes are given in this article. If you want to know the reasons and who to fix this problem then you have read the article completely.

Why does my BMW shake when I brake?

BMWs are known for their excellent handling, but the shaking when braking is a common issue. The most likely cause of this problem is warped rotors. If you’re experiencing this issue, take your car in to be inspected by a mechanic immediately. 

You can also try adjusting your brake pads or replacing them altogether if they are too thin. Brake fluid may need to be replaced as well. A faulty ABS sensor could also be causing the shaking when braking – have it checked out by a professional right away.

Why BMW Shakes at High Speed?

The shaking is caused by the car’s stability control system. Stability control systems are designed to keep the car balanced on all four wheels when going around a turn or driving over rough terrain. When you drive at higher speeds, this system may not be able to compensate as quickly and efficiently as it would at lower speeds because of increased wind resistance and tire wear. 

To avoid instability, drivers should slow down while turning corners or approaching obstacles in order to avoid unnecessary braking that can cause an imbalance in turns or stops. In addition, drivers should adjust the vehicle’s suspension settings so that it fits their preferences better – stiffer suspensions will provide more stability but also less comfort whereas softer suspensions will give more comfort but less stability. 


So what causes an engine to shake when it first starts? It is a phenomenon called “engine knock.” Engine knock occurs in engines that are low on oil or have worn-out pistons. The sound of the knocking can be reduced by adding more motor oil and checking for any piston wear.

If this problem persists, you may need to replace your spark plugs if they are old or damaged. I hope all the information that was important is given here. Now you know the reasons and solutions. You may rear more from our website. 

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