How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012

If you’re like most Honda Civic owners, you probably don’t think about your tire pressure sensor until it starts causing problems. But what if the sensor malfunctions or quits working? Thankfully, resetting the sensor is a relatively easy process. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in resetting your Civic’s tire pressure sensor. Here’s how to reset the Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012. Keep reading for the whole process.

How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012
How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012

How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012

The process I am going to how is the easiest way to reset the tire pressure sensor of your Honda Civic 2012. Follow all the steps carefully. Don’t miss a single step to get a successful result. 

Step 1: Park The Car

The first thing you have to do is park the car. But whole parking the car, you have to keep the engine on. Without the on engine, this process will not work properly.

Step 2: Press the Home Button

After you Park the car and keep the engine on, you have to work on the screen of your Honda civic 2012. Now you have to press the Home button. This is the start of the main process.

Step 3: Select Vehicle Setting

After pressing the Home button, you will find a number of options on the screen. You have to look at the Vehicle Setting option. That is located in the right corner of the screen. Now select the Vehicle Setting option from there.

Step 4: Select TPMS Calibration

After selecting the Vehicle Setting option, you will find some more options to click. Now you have to select the TPMS Calibration option. This is the point where your Tire pressure sensor is going to be reset.

Step 5: Select Calibrate

After selecting that  TPMS Calibration option, you will find two more options in below. One is Calibrate and another one is Cancel. You have to press the Calibrate option. After pressing this option, the resetting process will start. You will see the reset is complete after driving 3 miles. But if it fails then you have to repeat the process again.

Dear readers, I hope this process helps you to reset the TPMS of your Honda Civic 2012. If you can follow all the steps then you will be able to reset the tire pressure sensor of your Honda Civic 2012. That is not ending, there is something that you should know. So continue reading this article. If you face any problem after reading this, then you may watch the following video. This video has some detailed discussion.

How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Honda Civic 2012

Why Need to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor on Honda Civic 2012

If you’ve ever been driving and suddenly your car starts making a loud noise, it’s probably because one or more of your tires has gone flat. While you can usually tell when this happens simply by looking at the tire, in some cases the pressure inside the tire might not be obvious.

That’s where the Tire Pressure Sensor comes in – it’s responsible for transmitting information about the tire pressure to both the driver and to the car’s computer. If you notice that your Tire Pressure Sensor light is on, it means that either your tire pressure is too low or there’s a problem with the sensor itself. 

In either case, you’ll need to reset the sensor on Honda Civic as soon as possible. Besides these reasons, there are a few more reasons that require resetting the tire pressure sensor on a Honda Civic 2012. Let’s see what are these reasons.

  • Tire pressure sensors are important for maintaining your car’s safety and performance.
  • A reset can clear any errors the sensor has detected.
  • Resetting the sensor can help improve fuel economy.
  • It’s an easy way to troubleshoot problems with the sensor.
  • You can reset the sensor yourself or take it to a mechanic.
  • There are several ways to reset a tire pressure sensor.

Common Issues with the Sensor of Honda Civic 2012

TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring systems, have been standard in the automotive industry for over a decade. However, there are still many consumers who experience problems with their TPMS sensors. Here are six of the most common issues with TPMS sensors that you may face in your car. 

  1. The sensor is not calibrated correctly.
  2. The battery is dead or low on power.
  3. The valve stem is damaged or loose.
  4. The wheel sensor is not functioning properly.
  5. ECU (Engine Control Unit) is not communicating with the sensors.
  6. Tire pressure is incorrect due to outside factors (temperature, elevation, etc.).


After reading the whole process, you will b able to reset your Honda Civic 2012 at home without the help of any mechanic and without any cost. I think the discussion was good enough to help you to know how to reset tire pressure sensor Honda Civic 2012. With that, I show you some more things. These are also helpful. There are some more information on our site. You may know about them too.

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