How to Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light? Step by Step

Service Engine Soon light is a very good and unique feature of BMW vehicles to remind us about the regularly scheduled maintenance of our vehicle. After a certain mileage, we have to check all the issues of our BMW engine. 

But even after doing all the checking, the Service Engine Soon (SES) light stays on on the dashboard. How to reset BMW Service Engine Soon light after we complete our scheduled maintenance? This is the matter of our discussion today. 

How to Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light
How to Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light

How to Reset BMW Service Engine Soon Light

Based on BMW models, and years the resetting process varies. But there is a common workflow that will help you to reset BMW service engine soon light. The common process is given here so that this helps you the most.

Step 1: Turn Vehicle’s Electrical System On

To reset the service engine soon light, first of all, you have to turn your ignition on. That means you have to turn on the vehicle’s electrical system. But you should not start the engine.

Step 2: Press the Small Odometer Button

Then you have to press the small Odometer button. If you don’t find this button on your vehicle then you have to locate it near the bottom left corner of the instrument panel. Most of the vehicle’s Odometer button is there. But based on your vehicle’s model, it may be different. If you struggle to find this then try to check the owner’s manual to be sure.

Step 3: Keep Pressing Odometer Button

Now you have to press the Odometer button for a few seconds. Then you will find a service message appearing on the dashboard. This is the beginning of the process. When the service message appears, you have to release the button.

You have to press it again. This time you’ll find a new message that says “Reset”. Then again you have to press the button. This time the message will say “Reset in progress”, which means the resetting process is on the way. After a few seconds, the reset will be successful.

Step 4: Turn Off and On The Vehicle

If the resetting process is done, now you have to turn the electrical system completely off. After that, you have to start the engine again. Then you will find the Service Engine Soon light is gone.

What to Check When Service Engine Soon Light Is On?

Some important checks you have to complete when your BMW faces the service engine soon light. These things are very important to check. Let’s see what to check:

  • Check the oil level and add more if necessary.
  • Take a look at your air filter and replace it when needed.
  • Replace spark plugs every 30,000 miles or so to improve gas mileage and performance.
  • Change your fuel filter every 10,000 miles to avoid clogging up your engine with dirt particles from dirty gas.
  • If you have an automatic transmission, change your transmission fluid once a year or more often if you drive in harsh conditions like snow or stop-and-go traffic on a regular basis.

These are very common things that you need to check every time the engine shows the service engine soon light. If you delay fixing these things then your engine may run well but some problems may occur.


How to clear service engine soon light BMW?

Before we move to answer this question, we have to know what does the word “clear” means. Clear means removing the lights from the dashboard. So, if you want to know the clearing process then you have to know the resetting possess of the Service Engine Soon light. So, read that process to know well.

What does service engine soon light mean on a BMW?

The Service Engine Soon lights mean the engine needs regular maintenance service. This is a kind of reminder light. There are some different thresholds behind appearing the Service Engine Soon light.

How often oil change service engine soon light BMW?

It depends on what type of oil you are using. But usually, the lights come after 10,000 miles to remind you to change the oil. Some people also say it is an alarm light.


That was all about the resetting process of BMW Service Engine Soon Light. I hope after reading this article, you will be able to reset your BMW Service Engine Soon Light home without wasting any money. There are some more information in this article that will help you to know better about the Service Engine Soon Light technology. 

In Its Engine, there are a number of articles on BMW brand, you may read them. These will help you to solve your vehicle’s problems. Bye for today.

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