How to Reset BMW Radio? Step by Step Guide.

Have you ever tried to reset your BMW radio? Most people would say it is an impossible task. But that is not true. Not only can you reset your radio, but you should have been doing it all along. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of resetting your radio every time you make a change in your car. In this article, we are going to learn how to reset BMW radio. The resetting process is going to be step by step. You will know all the steps of how to reset BMW radio. So, let’s start.

How to Reset BMW Radio
How to Reset BMW Radio

Why You Need to Reset BMW Radio

When we face some problems with the radio of our BMW, we feel the need of fixing them. But the best way of fixing a car radio is resetting it. Here you will know about some reasons for resetting your BMW radio.

No Radio or Sound

If your radio is not working at all, or it has low volume, check to make sure the power amp fuse is in the correct location. If it’s not there, the radio won’t work. In that case, you have to fix the problem and after you complete the process, you will have to reset the radio.

Radio Turns on and off

Another common cause of resetting the BMW radio is its turning on and of problem. If you’re having problems with your radio turning on and off when you start your car, this could be a faulty connection between the amplifier and the head unit. (the part of the stereo that displays information). If this is the case, you’ll need to take it into an authorized BMW center to get fixed. After that, you have to reset it.

Radio reception where no signal is present

The antenna can become loose from vibrations from driving through potholes and other obstacles on rough roads. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the whole antenna assembly for better reception. This may be another cause of resetting your radio.

Besides these, there are some more internal functions and connection problems that may require resetting the radio. When you think you need to reset your BMW radio, you may follow the following steps. These will lead you to the complete resetting of the radio.

How to Reset BMW Radio

Here are some steps of resetting the BMW radio that will help you to complete the process successfully. If you don’t know how to reset BMW radio then you must read all these steps.

Step 1: Locate The Power Button

The first step of this process is locating the radio power button. You will need to locate the power button on your BMW radio. It is usually situated on the upper left corner of the device and looks like a small circle with a line through it.

Step 2: Press and Release Power Button

Now that you have located the power button, you will need to press it for two seconds. When 2 seconds are complete you have to release it. You can also use both hands if you are having difficulty reaching it.

Step 3: Wait For Few Seconds

After you complete the pressing and releasing the power button, you will simply need to wait for about 60-90 seconds this will help your radio to be stable in that situation.

Step 4: Press the Power Button Again

At this stage, you have to repeat the 2nd step again. You have to press down on the power button again for two seconds and release it once more. This the last thing you have to do in this process. This should reset your BMW radio and put it in its default settings.

Thus you may reset your BMW radio. Finally, you will be ready to put your car back together and enjoy all of the fun features your new radio has to offer.


If you own a BMW and have been experiencing problems with the radio, you might be wondering if you can fix the issue on your own or if you need to pay for a professional to come out and fix it. I hope you enjoy this article and this helps you to solve your problem.

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