How To Reset All ECU And Control Modules

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the new article on our website. In today’s article, I’m going to show you how to reset the ECU, the TCM and all control modules in your car or truck. This has a simple and easy way to reset it. You just have to follow some simple steps in this process. So, let’s see how to reset all ECU and control modules of a vehicle.

How To Reset All ECU And Control Modules
How To Reset All ECU And Control Modules

How Hard is it to Reset All ECU And Control Modules?

This is a very easy process. You will be able to do it if you can follow the process that I show here. But before I start the main process, I want to mention that some vehicles have more complicated systems and you’re not supposed to disconnect the power from the battery off of the system. There they’re designed to work to have constant power from the battery even when they replace the battery. They connect the new one in parallel before disconnecting the old one. 

So, research if you can disconnect the battery and there should be no problem for domestic vehicles. One thing I want to mention quickly before we start is that some of these systems are proactive. So if you have a current problem and the system is actively scanning itself and the problem is not solved, the light will stay on the dashboard. 

Important tools to Reset All ECU and Control Modules

If you want to complete the process easily, you will need some tools. These tools will help you to reset the ECUs. Okay, now all you need is a jumper cable, a piece of cardboard, and an Adjustable Wrench.

  • Jumper Cable
  • A Piece of Cardboard
  • Adjustable Wrench

You need nothing more to take help from in this process. Let’s jump into the step-by-step process.

How To Reset All ECU’s And Control Modules

Step 1: Turn the Battery Terminals Off

First of all, you need to take both your battery terminals off. That means you have to remove both the negative and the positive terminals from the battery. But the negative should be removed first and then the positive one.

Step 2: Isolate the Battery

Now you have to isolate the battery. So you have to grab just a regular piece of cardboard to isolate that. Ensure you completely isolate those two.

Step 3: Connect Both Terminals

The third step is connecting both terminals. You have to grab a jumper cable and connect both terminals together. Positive to the negative, just like so isolated from the battery. Now what this does, it drains any residual charge from the positive circuits. This will completely drain all the systems in the vehicle, which makes them clear any faults and reset themselves and then start from scratch all over. 

Step 4: Wait for 10 Minutes

When you connect both terminals, you have to leave everything for 10 minutes. In this time all the charges will just drain completely. 

Step 5: Reconnect The Battery

When the charges are drained completely, you have to reconnect the battery. So put everything back together and reconnect the battery, positive first and negative next.

Step 6: Help the Vehicle to Learn New Values

Now we want the vehicle to learn the new values properly. So there are a few things I want to do here that you can do to help the vehicle to ease using the control modules to learn everything from scratch and it can save and then the car actually drives better.

Now you have to grab your key and cycle the key with five seconds in between every time. Do it three times in a row.  

Step 7: Worm the Vehicle Up

Now, you have to let the vehicle warm up completely and idle for about five minutes on its own. So the idle can find its sweet spot and it can relearn the idling values for the RPMs. So you want to turn everything off.  Now you want to just let it idle, let it warm up a little bit, either for a good five minutes until it finds its sweet spot. 

You may run it through the gears again with five seconds in between each gear. Now you may drive the vehicle for your needs at your own speed. This will help the vehicle to set up new values.


Where is the transfer case control module located?

The transfer case control module is a part of the transmission system. It’s located on the left side of the back of the vehicle, in front of the rear wheel well.  The function it serves is to monitor and control both modes: 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.

Where is the front control module Dodge RAM?

If you’re Dodge RAM enthusiast, you know that the front control module is an important part of your truck. Located in the engine compartment, this component monitors and controls vital systems like the fuel pump and ignition. But some say it is loathed near the battery.

How to reset Airbag control module?

The Airbag control module is a device that processes and stores data related to the steering wheel, speedometer, brake pedal, accelerator pedal as well as other safety features. In case of an accident or sudden stop, it communicates with the sensors in order to determine whether or not airbags should be deployed. If you want to reset this then you have to follow a long process. You may read the following link to know about it in detail.

How to reset Airbag control module


That was the complete way of resetting the ECU and control modules in a car. I hope this helps you a lot. If you want more solutions to more problems then you may visit our website and learn more about engines. Thanks for reading from us. 

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