How to Pull Down Back Seat Toyota Corolla 2010 – Step by Step

Keeping your car clean and tidy is important, but one of the most difficult things to do is get down into the back seat to clean it. With this guide, we will show you How to Pull Down Back Seat Toyota Corolla 2010 so that you can clean it easily and quickly.

If you don’t know how to fold the back seat then you will face some troubles while cleaning the car and if you feel any need behind the seats. So, you must learn it. Here I make a discussion in the step-by-step process. If you can fill all the steps then you will be able to pull down the back seat of the Toyota Corolla 2012 model. So, let’s see.

Why Need to Pull Down Back Seat of Toyota Corolla 2010?

There is a basic reason behind the pull-down process of carpeting and flybacks. It has to do with air ventilation while cleaning the back seats of your car. Airflow in between bagged carpets will be directly connected into haggling surfaces when they are folded up inside out. Because there won’t be any space for removing old odors and other contaminants within it.

We all know that every cubic inch on our vehicle contains lots of storage space. However, doing the cleaning activity like putting carpets in a bag is pretty much simple and straightforward – without any hassle of this process, difficult in curbing for gathering air throughout your Toyota Corolla 2010 when it’s folded up an inside out condition.

Here are some reasons of pulling down the back seat:

  • You can sit comfortably in the back seat of your car with no one around you.
  • It will save space inside your car and reduce its weight.
  • Protects against theft as well as potential damage to the interior of your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by a thief.
  • Keeps children safe from injuries, especially when they are traveling alone in their own vehicles.

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How to Pull Down Back Seat Toyota Corolla 2010

These Toyota Corolla 2010 procedures can be done by yourself or performed with the help of a friend or family member. When you are cleaning the back seat, it is important that you do not dawdle at any point and get everything as clean as possible before getting in to leave.

Step 1: Open Back Door Idler Panel Cover

The easiest way to open up this panel cover is by opening your hood and then looking for these blue wires. Unplug one of these, which should cause the panel to open.

Step 2: Open Back Seat

After releasing this panel cover and unplugging another wire (blue), you need to gently pull down on this side part in order not to damage any wires while opening it up. Next, release that lever there inside at the bottom left-hand corner and your seat will slide right out easily enough so long as nobody is sitting on a certain hoop inside.

Step 3: Pull Down Back Seat

It should slide right out without any issues at all, so after you have pulled it down and laid it to one side we are going to go ahead and begin taking apart the back seat part of this Toyota Corolla 2010. To do this, remember that there is a little screw holding each half together here in the middle…don’t worry about these though as they simply need some light tension taken off of them to remove the parts easily, nothing more.

Things to Remember to Pull Down Back Seat

Some cars do not have hatch covers by default. In these instances, only place blocks under the edge of the rear door if it does open or lift easily due to its design and configuration specifically for securing objects inside for their storage space (Figure B).

If this is what happens during an attempt at cleaning in some vehicles that don’t come equipped with such covers, you may lightly tap the back end of pieces of wood against your side panels in order to free it up a bit so that after removing this portion they will slide out with ease.

How to Remove Toyota Corolla 2010 back Seat Without Cutting?

If you are lucky enough to have an un-cut hatch cover or if a separate lever has been installed by the maker, remove two screws securing this panel so that it slides back easily and swings open. In some cases, they will be held in place with little bolts through holes on top of said ball lock.

Push these out as you go along because when we begin to lift off our seat (to gain access) there is going to be a latch that needs to be manually disengaged in order for this piece (and all the others) to come off its home base too. The process is almost the same. The step-by-step process I show you in the previous section on how to pull down the back seat of your Toyota Corolla 2010. You will be able to do this by following these steps.


So there you go, as always we hope that what I have provided is helpful. And this concludes How to Pull Down Back Seat Toyota Corolla 2010 without cutting or by using other unauthorized methods.

The above-mentioned guide will get anyone through within almost all situations however it might be possible for us at times to mess up and cause damage when pulling our hatch up from underneath. It’s best practice if one follows these directions that they have a metal-melting tool to melt any pin that comes into contact with their bodies or tools.

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