How to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside

Opening the Honda CR-V tailgate from the inside of the car is a very tough thing. This is almost at the level o impossible. Because no way is given by the manufacturer. But there is something they should not give to us, we can find them by our intelligence. In the same way, I can help you to open Honda CR-V tailgate from the inside of the car. This is going to be a step-by-step process. So, I think you will be able to do that by reading my writing. So, let’s know how to open Honda CR-V tailgate from inside of the car.

How to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside
How to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside

Is it Possible to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside?

Yes, you can open the tailgate of Honda CR-V from the inside of the car if you know the technique. I have made the thing clear at the beginning of the discussion that it is almost in the level of impossible because there is no way given by the manufacturer to open that. But some clues are left there. We are going to show these clues to open the tailgate from the inside of the vehicle.

If you follow the normal process to open the tailgate then you will have to the whole panel off. But that was not possible to do. Even without opening the door, that is not possible to do. Moreover, if you break the door then this will cost you a huge amount to fix. So, follow the following process to do this easily without any cost.

How to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside

To open the CR-V tailgate, you have to be tricky. The following steps will give you a proper guide to open the tailgate. Don’t miss a single step.

Step 1: Open the Door Back Pocket

To open the tailgate, you have to catch the door opener. That is situated inside the door. To reach that, there is one way. That is open the back pocket of the door. After opening that, you will find a hole there. Most of the time, the hole is covered by a plastic cover.

Step 2: Remove the Plastic Cover From The Back Pocket Hole

Now you have to remove the plastic cover from the hole. To remove that, the hand is enough. But if it is very hard then take a small screwdriver or something that you have near hands. This will help you to remove the cover.

Step 3: Take a Screwdrive Enter it

Now the hole will be open. You will have to get something inside of the hole. Because there is the door catcher. To reach there, your finger is enough. But there is a risk of cutting the skin with any sharp steel. So, the safe option will be a screwdriver. Take that and enter inside. 

Step 4: Pull The Door Catch By the Screwdrive

The rest of the task is very easy. There is nothing very complex here. You will find a small switch-type thing. The right movement of that steel switch will open the door. So, you just have to touch that and give a little press front and back. Then you will find the tall gate of your Honda CR-V is open. This is how to open Honda CR-V tailgate from inside.

How to Open Honda CR-V Tailgate from Inside

Why Honda CR-V Tailgate Does not Open?

This is a very common question among the people who are using Honda CR-V and facing tailgate problems. The problems of the tailgate are many. In the same way, the solutions and reasons are also not one. There are so many possible reasons behind the tailgate not opening. Among them some are serious and some are simple.

The main reason behind it is the tailgate motor problem. The motor helps the tailgate to open when you want. But if the motor is not doing its duty then the tailgate will not open. SO, this is one of the main reasons.

Another possible reason is the sensor not working. The sensor sends the signal to the motor to open the tailgate. But when the signal can’t reach the motor then who the door will open? So, this is another reason. So, these are the reasons of the tailgate not opening of a Honda CR-V.


That was all for today, I hope now you know how to open Honda cr-v tailgate from inside. Our main intention is to help you in need. The process we show here is not recommended by the authority. So, this may have some bad effects. But the recommended process has some more problems and a chance of losing money. That’s what people use this technique. Read more about the Honda problems and solutions from our site. Thanks for reading from us.

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