How to open BMW trunk manually? Step by Step

There are a number of ways to open the trunk of a BMW car. Among them some are automatic and some are manual. Most of the users like to use the remote system of the car to open the trunk. I also personally love this method. But sometimes we are forced to open the trunk manually. 

That may be for the lack of keyfob battery or remote control problem. So, in this article, we will talk about the process of manual opening of BMW trunk. So, let’s see how to open BMW trunk manually.

How to open BMW trunk manually
How to open BMW trunk manually

Why Open BMW Trunk Manually?

A number of times, we feel that our automatic trunk opening system is not working. There may be several reasons behind this problem. Sometimes the remote system does not work for battery in that situation we have to depend on a manual trunk opening system. Sometimes the electric system does not work on your vehicle. That also needs a manual opening.

These are common reasons behind the BMW trunk, not opening. If you have to face this problem then you have to move to open the trunk manually. But how to open the trunk manually? We arrange the complete process of manual opening of BMW trunk. Let’s see.

Is it Possible to Open BMW Trunk Manually?

Yes, it is very much possible to open BMW trunk manually. We know some people asking for the process of how to open BMW trunk manually. But before we move to the next step, we need to know whether it is possible or not. First, you have to understand what do you mean by manually. If manually means you are trying to open the trunk without the key, without remote, or without any internal functionality then this is completely impossible. The only way to open this is to break the trunk.

But if you think “manually” means opening the trunk without the automatic system, that means using the remote control then it is possible. In this article, we are going to show you some ways that will help you to open the BMW trunk manually, without a remote control system. This process needs a key. So let’s see how to open BMW trunk manually step by step.

How to Open BMW Trunk Manually?

In this article, we will show you two different ways to open BMW trunk manually. aBoth the ways are very much popular and very easy to do. I will show you all the necessary things to open the trunk manually. Let’s see all the ways.

By Using Key

First of all, you can open the BMW trunk manually by using the key. Basically opening the trunk manually means opening it with your hands and not using the remote control. So we can use the key to open the trunk.

You will find a keyhole in this back part of the trunk. There you will have to enter the key and turn it on. Then you will find the trunk moving forward a little. Then you just have to push it upward. You will see the trunk opening automatically. 

But this method has some disadvantages. First of all, all the models of BMW do not have a keyhole at the back of them. So you will find yourself in a problem with the latest version of the car. In that case, you may have to rely on another way. Let’s see what is that.

Setting on the Back Seats

If you are using the latest version of BMW then we will not find the key ki Holo for the tank in that case you have to use another alternative method that method is sitting on the back of the seat let’s see how to open BMW trunk manually by setting the back seat.

Step 1: Down the Middle Seat Back

After seating on the back seat, you have to push the back seat back removing the button. When you push on that button, you will find the back of that seat moving. Just pull it down.

Step 2: Enter Your Head Inside the Trunk

After removing the middle seat, you will find a way to reach the inside of the trunk. There is a hanging switch or belt that can open the trunk. To pull the belt, you have to enter your head inside the trunk and find the belt switch.

Step 3: Pull the Trunk Belt

When you find the belt you have to pull it. When you do that, you will see the trank is opening automatically. This is the best way to open the BMW trunk. I hope you successfully complete the process and open the BMW trunk manually.

How to Open BMW Trunk Manually?


How to open BMW trunk with battery disconnected?

If your vehicle battery is disconnected and then you want to open the trunk then you have to do that manually. Because at that moment the key fob or remote control system does not work. In that case, you have to follow the ways we show in this article.

How to open BMW trunk with key?

Opening BMW trunk with a batter is very simple. You just have to put the key inside the keyhole that is located on the trunk body. Then you have to turn the key. But you will not find the battery opening option for the latest models of BMW.

How to open BMW 650i trunk manually?

The model 650i is also similar to the model we talked about. Though our discussion was on overall trunk opening if you follow these methods then you will be able to open the trunk of 650i very easily manually. So, read the article.


That was all about the manual opening of the trunk of a BMW car. I show you all the ways that will help you to open the trunk of the vehicle manually. There are some more articles of our website where you will find information on different problems of BMW and other brands. You may read them.

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