How to Change 2020 Toyota Startup Screen?

In this article, we will show you how to change 2020 Toyota startup screen. This screen allows you to control various settings, including climate control, audio, navigation, and more. By changing this screen, you can make your Toyota more personalized and efficient for your needs. Let’s get started.

What is a Startup Screen in Toyota?

A Startup Screen in Toyota is a system that helps drivers monitor their vehicle’s performance while they are on the go. The system includes a 7-inch color display in the center console that shows real-time data such as fuel economy, engine temperature, and oil pressure. The screen also includes a navigational system that allows drivers to find their way without having to use their hands. 

The purpose of the Startup Screen is to help drivers improve their fuel economy and overall driving experience. By providing real-time data, it helps drivers make better decisions about how to drive and saves them time and money. Additionally, the navigational system helps drivers find their way without having to rely on landmarks or maps. 

The Toyota Startup Screen is a great way for drivers to stay safe and informed on their vehicle’s performance. It is also a helpful tool for those who are looking to improve their driving skills.

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How to Change 2020 Toyota Startup Screen?

The best way to change 2020 Toyota Startup Screen is given here. If you can follow them, you will be able to change easily.

Step 1: Need an empty USB Drive

First of all, you need an empty USB drive. Then transfer images to a USB drive from your computer. Now you have to transfer images from this USB drive to Car’s dashboard.

Step 2: Insert Flash Drive and Create Folders

Insert the flash drive you want to use on your laptop or computer. Check to make sure the flash drive is empty before you start adding folders and photos.

Folder’s Name:

  • StartupImage
  • DisplayOffImage

Then, you have to create two folders in your flash drive. One folder name should be called “StartupImage” and the other folder name “DisplayOffImage”. You have to copy those names exactly, with the same capitalization and without any space.

Step 3: Save and Transfer Images

Now you choose which image you want to use. You can use any picture you want here, such as a picture of your family, pets, or landscape. Once your image is selected, right-click on the image and save it. If you want, you can use the same image for both the Startup Screen and the Display. Or you can use different images. It depends on you. Once the images are saved in two folders, transfer these two folders to your fast drive or USB Drive.

Step 4: Insert USB in the Vehicle Port

Now You have to remove the USB drive from your computer and insert it into the vehicle port. Then you have to turn on the ignition.

Step 5: Upload or transfer Images

In this step, first, you have to click the “Apps” button which has the left side of the screen. Then you hit the “Setup” button on your screen. Now you see a list of settings. Then you have to scroll down until you see ” Customize Screen of Image”. You find out “Customize Screen Off Image” and click on it.

Now It will show a default image in the top left corner. Here you can see three other images which are empty and say “No Image”. Now you can see “Transfer Image” at the bottom of the screen and you have to click it. Now it will notify you to confirm the image transfer. Then you have to click the “Yes” button.

Now Your image will be shown in the top right corner of the screen and you have to press on your image. After this, it will notify you to confirm and you have to click the “Yes” button. Then you have to click the back arrow in the top left corner.

Step 6: Check the Startup Image is functional

If your vehicle still has it on, you will turn the vehicle off. Then you turn the ignition on. Now you have to pop up your new image. Then you can see the image is displayed. That means “Startup Image” is functional.

Step 7: Check the Display off Image

To check the “Display off Image” you have to click the “Apps” button to the left of the screen. Now you can see the “General” button on the screen and click this button. Then you have to find out the “Screen Off” button which is at the bottom of the screen. Now click this “Screen off” button. Then you can see your image is displayed as “Display Off Image”.

Why Do You Need To Change It?

Startup screen is a user interface that appears when you first start using a new application or when you sign in to an existing application. It serves as the main interface for the app, and it is where you go to find your account, settings, and other features.

If you are using an outdated or unsupported version of the startup screen. If you want to use a new or experimental feature in the app. If you want to use a custom layout or design for your startup screen.

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Toyota Startup Image Format?

Toyota’s startup image format is a JPG or JPEG. We can also say it is a simple and easy-to-use document format that can help you to organize and track your startup’s progress. This format includes important information such as the company’s name, contact information, logo, and mission statement. Additionally, it includes useful charts and graphs that can help you to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Toyota Startup Image Format is a standard image file format for Toyota vehicles. This format is used to store images that are used in the startup and shutdown procedures of the vehicle. These images may include logos, photos of the driver and passengers, and other images that are relevant to the startup and shutdown process.

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The information given here are really helpful about the startup screen. After reading this, you will know how to change 2020 Toyota startup screen. This knowledge will help you a lot to handle these things. That is the end of this discussion. Thanks for reading from us.

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