BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving/ How to Fix?

BMW is a popular car brand. But one of the main problems that this brand vehicles face is its shaking. We find a number of people are talking about the shaking nature of this car brand. In some cases, it shakes at high speed, in starting, while beaking, and while accelerating. 

BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving
BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving

But this time we find the BMW E90 steering wheel shakes when driving. We have seen a number of people asking the question of why their BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving. In this article, we will talk about this problem and also try to give a solution. So, let’s start.

Why BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving?

There may be a number of reasons behind the BMW E90 steering wheel shakes when driving. Among them, some are common for most of vehicles and some are very rare.  Finding the reason behind this problem is very important because this will help you to fix this problem fast. So, let’s find the reason of the BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving problems.

  • Low air on the tires of the vehicle
  • Car’s shock absorbers functioning problem
  • Worn-out Rubber Boots on the Top Mounts or Lower Ball Joints
  • Worn out Suspension Components
  • Wheels are not Aligned

When you are facing this problem in your BMW E90 Steering, you have to check for these places and issues. If you find any of these causes is true in case of your car then you have to fix this as soon as possible. Here is the perfect process of fixing the steering wheel shaking problem.

How to Fix BMW E90 Steering Wheel Shakes When Driving?

When we try to share our problem-solving experience on our website, we always try to give you the best instructions. And the main instruction that we give is to spend most of the time on troubleshooting or problem finding. We want to say the same thing here. 

After passing a lone time in the inspection of problem finding, you have to find the exact cause that was behind the shaking problem of your BMW E90 steering. So, let’s see how to fix this problem with your BMW car.

Step 1: Check the Tire

There are a number of steps that you will have to follow while you are fixing this issue. The first thing you have to do is check the tires of the vehicle. When your checking is done and you find the tires are okay and they don’t have enough air in them then fill them with air.

Because the airless tire is one of the reasons behind this problem. Always you have to make sure that you are not driving on a flat tire.

Step 2: Check the Wheels Alignment

If you are facing the problem of shaking the steering wheel of the BMW E90 while driving then you have to make sure your wheels are aligned properly and there is no uneven wear on any of the tires. Because that is also the cause of this problem that we are discussing in this article.

Step 3: Change the Suspension Components

The shaking can also be caused by worn-out suspension components, such as bushings or ball joints. If you find any such evidence in the case of your BMW e90 then you have to replace the old suspension components like bushings and ball joints. Some mechanics also suggest changing the rubber boots on top mounts or lower ball joints.

Step 4: Replace your Shocks or Struts 

The above steps are the most common solution to this problem with your BMW e90. But if none of these solutions work, it may be time to replace your shocks or struts. Even some people suggest we replace them at the beginning of the process. Because this is the most important issue that is the cause behind shaking the steering wheel.


If you are driving a BMW and the steering wheel is shaking, this could be an indication of one or more issues with your vehicle. The first step for any driver experiencing these symptoms should be to have their vehicle inspected by professional mechanics so they can determine if there is anything wrong with it that needs fixing. 

There may also be other reasons behind the issue such as improper alignment or damage from hitting something on the road. Once repairs are made, drivers will want to take their cars back out onto the street to see if everything has been fixed properly before being confident in its condition again.

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